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  • Whistler Adds Voice To Climate Accountability Campaign

    The Association of Whistler Area Residents for the Environment (AWARE), My Sea To Sky and many other community groups are currently working with West Coast Environmental Law (WCEL) on a Climate Accountability campaign, to hold the world’s fossil fuel polluters accountable for their role in causing climate harm to our

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  • Responsible Waste Management at Resilient Streets Events

    The Whistler Resilient Streets project is currently underway working to build greater connections between neighbors in the Whistler area. The pilot initiative awards funding to neighbourhoods who apply to host block parties, build gardens, organize workshops, volunteer together, or host any other event designed to get neighbours talking and enhance

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  • Trash Talk

    Do you know where your waste belongs and why? In partnership with the Resort Municipality of Whistler, AWARE developed this infographic to help you better understand how to deal with your waste like a pro. Becoming familiar with the lifecycle of an item from start to finish can make it

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  • Community Forum on Whistler Vision and Official Community Plan

    In 2018, RMOW staff and Council kicked off a process to revamp Whistler’s Official Community Plan (OCP). As the timeline covered by the OCP would have exceeded the lifespan of Whistler’s highest level policy document – our shared community vision Whistler 2020 – it was determined that the Vision should also be

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