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  • Whistle Nature Camp Diary – Aquatic Adventure 2

      This week of camp aligned beautifully with the Western Toad Migration at Lost Lake. Every year between late July and early August tens of thousands of tiny toadlets make their first large journey from the lake into the surrounding forests. The toadlets are extremely vulnerable during their migration to

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  • Whistler Nature Camp Diary – Stealth & Camouflage

    Predator and prey are both essential in maintaining healthy ecosystems. Predators help control the population of grazing animals and they are also key in the process of natural selection, which drives evolution. Animals and plants evolved to have various defense mechanisms to protect them from predators. On our nature walks

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  • AWARE’s Zero Waste Heroes program featured on CBC

    We were super excited that very own Zero Waste Heroes program, was featured on CBC last week! Here is a little bit about what the Zero Waste Heroes initiative does: Pre-event Waste Reduction Support – The best way to reduce waste is to not produce it in the first place,

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  • Whistler Nature Camp Diary – Aquatic Adventure 1

    We had a blast splashing into our theme ‘Aquatic Adventures’ this week! We learned a ton about wetlands and water creatures! All of the campers were especially enthusiastic about metamorphose as many critters spend a portion of their lives underwater, for example pesky mosquitos and majestic dragonflies! Some aquatic insects

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