We are thrilled to announce the 2018 nominees for Director positions on the AWARE Board.

In 2018 we have 2 directors stepping back and 5 continuing with their terms. Under AWARE’s bylaws the group can have up to 12 Directors on the Board and all current AWARE members vote on the director nominations at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).



– MBA in Strategic Planning combined with 20 years of experience in marketing, communications
– Expertise in developing content marketing, communications and engagement strategies
– Strong facilitation and interpersonal skills with ability to coach leaders and staff at all levels
– Proven track record for managing projects efficiently, delivering measurable results

Marketing and communications solutions to reach and engage conscious consumers.
I advise organizations that are ready to grow.

Strategic Planning Facilitation, Impact and Purpose Assessment, Policy Development

Brand Audit, Content Marketing Plans, Marketing Campaigns

Core Messaging and Communications Plans, Brand Advocate Program Development, Impact Reports

  • Facilitations for meetings, planning sessions, focus groups
  • Strategic planning to focus resources, improve impact
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Communications and Public Relations
  • Current – Sea to Sky Thrivers Society
  • Current – Whistler Community Foundation, Marketing Committee
  • 2010-2014 – Whistler Adaptive Sports Program, Board Secretary

Waste – particularly commercial waste reduction + education and advocacy

Transportation – reducing single occupancy trips, better options for commuters, education and advocacy

Ensure the primary AWARE issues are a consideration for the Fall municipal election and Official Community Planning process. Expand member base and deepen engagement to encourage a more active membership.



I arrived in Whistler in 2007 and fell in love with the mountains, wilderness and community. My time here inspired me to go back to school, where I completed a marine science & management degree plus an honours research year in Squamish. Originally from Australia, I’m now a Canadian resident and call Whistler home. I currently work at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory as a cook.

My practical experience gained through my marine science & environmental management degree allowed me to study numerous habitats, including wetlands, forests & ocean. Research projects included a carbon dioxide survey of Squamish estuary. A large focus of university was on environmental planning and managing stakeholders.
  • I spent three months volunteering as a whale research assistant in Iceland (2014). Was responsible for recording behaviour, species & photo identification.
  • Numerous beach clean ups
  • Assisted with invertebrate research on rocky shores of Australian beaches.

My particular area of interest is creating a more sustainable town. I would love to contribute to Whistler’s climate change action and help our town reduce its carbon footprint. I would also like to see single use plastic eliminated. I think Whistler can be an example of a ‘green’ international tourist destination.

I endeavour to use my knowledge and passion to help protect Whistler’s natural environment. I hope I can contribute to policy making to make Whistler more sustainable. Improving education to the community and to visitors is paramount for change. Plastic use and food wastage are also areas I’m passionate about.



Having travelled so much in my youth, I grew a real fascination for how every different culture interacts and appreciates the environment they live in, whether in the big city or in a rural community. It became clear to me at a young age that any truly successful and sustainable process/system, whether it be public transportation, the medical industry, food and agriculture, etc. must model and mimic itself off MOTHER ‘NURTURE’. With this perspective, I completed my first degree in Environment and Business, followed by a law degree with a specialty in environmental law.

  • BES Environment & Business – University of Waterloo
  • LLB – University of Ottawa
  • 2011-2016 In-House Council at Point Click Care (medical record software)
  • 2016-present Owner operator Kong Law
  • Internship as Outreach Coordinator with the Residential Energy Efficiency Project (REEP) in Waterloo Ontario
  • President of Environmental Law Student Association at University of Ottawa

I’m interested in helping an environmental and community focused organisation sustain itself business-wise, ensuring risks are mitigated and systemizing any due diligences. AWARE is as much a small business in many ways, as it is an educator increasing awareness and promoting engagement of environmentally focused projects.

I’m interested in supporting AWARE (in every sense) to be the respected and valuable contributor it is to the health and vitality of Whistler’s natural environment. My legal and business background are certainly helpful skills to ensure AWARE’s mandate is most efficiently and effectively ‘played out’ in all of it’s endeavours. As a professional ‘communicator’ (i.e. a lawyers main job is to communicate clearly and articulately), I have a personal interest in making sure the fundamental aspects of every AWARE message is optimally received in every sense and at every juncture.



I prefer to be in the mountains then in an office. Having spent the better half of the last decade living and working close to the ski hill, my background in finance and a Masters in Commerce will hopefully contribute to keeping Whistler the most beautiful place in the world.

  • Blueshore Financial 2016-Present: Personal finances, lending, credit, insurance
  • National Australia Bank 2013-2015: As Above
  • University of N.S.W. Masters in Commerce – Major in Finance

In Whistler since 2008, working for multiple employers across different roles. Love meeting new and different people in the area. No past board experience, but excited to learn and offer a fresh point of view.

Love snowboarding and being outdoors in this beautiful part of the world. Would like to contribute to keeping it this way for many years to come!

I love activities in the mountain and I want it to be here for generations to come. I want to instil a camping/backcountry mentality of leaving the mountains in a better state then we found them.



I believe in AWARE’s mission and their efforts to advocate for our natural world. I can bring my marketing experience, digital design skills, non-profit experience, and community-building enthusiasm to their board. I moved to Whistler for its unique properties; access to amazing amenities while being so close to wilderness, not pretty parks, but real wilderness. Nothing hurts more than hiking for hours, and feeling so completely immersed in the natural environment to be brought rudely back to reality by finding garbage littering our trails by a careless hiker.

Currently, I am the Marketing and Communications Manager at Arts Whistler, which has given me an incredible insight into how our local non-profits operate and the challenges they face in getting their message through on a conservative budget. Over the past couple years, my focus has been increasingly digital; leveraging online ads, analytics and social media to reach a larger demographic, on a smaller budget than traditional media. Before working for Arts Whistler, I was self-employed as a graphic and web designer, these visual and digital communications tools are what I bring to my role in arts and culture marketing, and my pocket of expertise I could offer to AWARE as a Board Member.

Aside from my technical skills, I love community building and integrating our local organizations. This is a small community and by combining our passions and focus we can have an incredible influence. I am incredibly fortunate that I was able to join Arts Whistler’s management team after receiving a large government grant to be able to launch a large-scale, sector-wide marketing drive to bring together our cultural community – our new website and online calendar, seasonal Arts Scene magazines and Culture Maps have grown larger than we ever could have imagined, and all because of the input of our local cultural groups. We had no idea the growth we would have due to local input; to me it proves that together we can make real progress and that we are stronger together. I am grateful to be able to spearhead these projects and bring them into the future.

To me the environment is front and centre no matter what topic we are discussing. Although I ended up studying art history and eventually design, it was a real toss up the direction I would choose heading into university. My highest grades were in Biology, I volunteered at fish hatcheries and the marine biology station, I protested old growth forest logging, I spent long summers planting trees. The environment has never been far from my consciousness and I would love to refocus my attentions in Whistler, and help in any way I can.

My experience volunteering in our community has been largely focused in the arts sector, and mainly through Arts Whistler. From assisting our children’s events, live performances, festivals, writing blog posts to attending community festivals – often with a camera in hand. My efforts have been largely promotional. Capturing events and sharing them to aid local organizations spread their message is part of our mandate to bring our sector together and help everyone thrive.

I sit on the Sea to Sky Arts Council Alliance, and our regular meetings have helped strengthen ties throughout the region. Last year we expanded our cultural marketing initiatives to include the Sea to Sky to great success! Our event calendars, Arts Scenes and Culture maps programs now span communities From Mount Currie to Bowen Island, helping to promote events and venues not only to visitors, but have really opened up business opportunities in neighbouring communities to our local creatives.

I have a small natural textile line called Salt & Snow, a line of hand-dyed textiles and small batch goods made from natural materials. Natural fabrics, natural dyes, handcrafted items made to last. Through this I have spoken to groups about natural dyes, hosted workshops and exhibited at regional markets – these interactions have shown me how much I love the energy and passion that comes from home-grown passion projects. In general other local artisans are environmentally conscious, community minded, innovative and forward-thinking.

Starting this project has lead me to research the global textile industry – the amount of waste, pesticides, water, and exploitive labour that go in to manufacturing textiles for first world countries, has made me more aware of my own actions. Increasingly I am changing my lifestyle to be more thoughtful to our environment and my personal health.

There are many environmental topics close to my heart.

Clean water has always been a passion of mine. Maintaining the health of our ocean and waterways translates to healthy and sustainable ecosystems.

I am a big advocate of growing your own vegetables, cooking for yourself, sharing meals with friends, and understanding what is in the food you eat.

I love all animals (especially my big mountain mutt) and am completely against trophy hunting, or any action endangering species at risk. Seeing human actions endanger our local bear populating so directly by irresponsibly disposing of garbage and encroaching on their territory, is really disheartening.

Climate change is real. The seasonal forest fires we see in Whistler need to be taken seriously.

My pet peeves? Our disposable culture that prefers to donate, recycle, or trash items in favour of shiny new items. Reducing our demand and maintaining what we have is more important than recycling. What else? Single use plastics and packaging, seeing litter in our natural environment, plastic microbeads in cosmetics.

Of AWARE’s programs, I can see myself being most invested in their sustainable community building initiatives. I am a big advocate of growing your own vegetables, cooking for yourself, sharing meals with friends, and understanding what is in the food you eat. Eat whatever you like, but make it yourself – you’ll never choose to add preservatives or chemical enhancers.


Real change happens on an individual level. Each and every person who commits to living a sustainable life by choosing to prepare for their day with reusable bags and containers, chooses to care for their clothing and homewares instead of replacing them, and buys from sustainable sources influences others and helps real change come about.