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    Volunteers needed to help replace aging community greenhouse boxes

      In Whistler, there are four neighborhood greenhouses that house nearly 80 gardening boxes. Each garden box gives community members the opportunity to grow organic food and friendships at locations close to home. The first greenhouses were installed in 2004 and after over a decade of service – as a home to beets, salad greens, […]

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    Meet the 2017 Board Director Nominees

    The applications are in and we have some exciting new candidates hoping to join the AWARE Board of Directors.  In 2017 our candidates are: Emma Mostrom I have lived in the area for 4.5 years now and unfortunately noticed how our town is growing a little too fast for the environment to keep up. I […]

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    AWARE joins open letter asking that Big Oil pay fairshare of climate change costs

    AWARE joined more than 50 community groups from across BC who have signed onto an open letter arguing that fossil fuel companies owe BC communities for their fair share of the impacts of climate change. We signed because we believe the principles of polluter pays and true cost accounting should be a foundation to every […]

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    Giving Tuesday with AWARE

    A day dedicated to giving back around the world, across Canada and in your own community! Just as Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season, Giving Tuesday is the opening day of the giving season. #SeatoSkyGives Our story: AWARE, Whistler’s environmental charity strives towards a vision of a knowledgeable community that is engaged and […]

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  • 2016 AWARE Summer Interns

    The Mutual Value Of An Internship In The Non-Profit Sector

    A note from our Executive Director… As a small environmental charity AWARE has three days a week on which to run. In those three days we do everything: engage in local issues and advocacy; design future programs; write project grant applications; host environmentally focused events; liaise with stakeholders; participate in working groups; engage the community; manage a […]

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    GROW Whistler’s Summer Social Potluck

    Yesterday was a great warm & sunny evening with some of our GROW Whistler folk! The plant based potluck was a great success, all dishes were made with food grown in the garden boxes in Whistler and everyone did a great job reducing waste by bringing all reusable plates, cups and cutlery. Thanks to the […]

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    The Tiny Toads of Lost Lake have gone wild!

    We at AWARE like all critters to stay wild, we also like to keep them from getting squished!   Please Help Rescue The Tiny Toads?! As many of you know, every year thousands of tiny toads migrate from Lost Lake to the surrounding forested areas. This year, there are tens of thousands of them and […]

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    Howe Sounds Natural Renaissance at Risk

    In July 2016, Tracey Saxby, co-founder of My Sea to Sky, spoke at AWARE’s Green Talk exploring what the future might hold for Howe Sound. The discussion was held at the Whistler Museum and brought forth some of the major issues and concerns that Sea to Sky residents have regarding the Woodfibre LNG project.  Howe […]

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    Whistler Youth Give Life To Dino The Trash-a-saurus

    In an effort to raise awareness of how single-use packaging and products can quickly add up and impact the environment, AWARE helped youth at the 2016 Whistler Children’s Festival give life to Dino, the trash-a-saurus! This was important because at AWARE we hope that single use items, such as coffee cups, straws, plastic bags and […]

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    Heavy Practitioner Attendance at Climate Symposium Focused on Our Future with Fires

    On Thursday, June 24th Sea to Sky residents explored what our future with forest fires will look like in the region. The symposium featured a series of short talks exploring wildfire mitigation and adaptation opportunities, followed by an inquiry based Apres in Action. Participants learned about forest health and ecology, including traditional and modern use […]

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