Dedicate Your Time and Talent To Supporting AWARE

Volunteering with AWARE can take many forms and so we work hard to connect individuals with opportunities that suit their both their interests and level of commitment.  The first step is to decide what time and talents you want to put to good use with our group. We connect with every volunteer individually to discuss opportunities but the following provides an overview of the types of roles that exist with AWARE:

Tier One Volunteers:

Tier One Volunteers join our volunteer mailing list to receive updates on upcoming volunteer opportunities and help out on an ad hoc basis without making any formal ongoing commitment.  These volunteers are key to the success of many AWARE events through assisting with logistics and/or activities on the day of.  Tier One Volunteers may also choose to help with specific short-term actions as part of a project or provide specific skills towards completion of a task.

Tier Two Volunteers:

Volunteering at this level involves committing a minimum of a couple of hours a month to AWARE.  This may be through helping out with events or actions on the ground or thorough dedicating your talents to distinct tasks.  Tasks include but are not limited to:

Communications / Administration
Events Coordination
Research / Surveys
Volunteer Engagement
For more information about the above volunteer positions click here.

Tier Three Volunteers:

AWARE involvement at this level would normally come through engagement in one of AWARE’s committees or in the delivery of a specific project or aspect of AWARE operations.  AWARE is supported by the following committees:

Events Committee;
Projects Advisory Committee and
Fundraising Committee.
For more information please click on the appropriate committee.

Tier Four Volunteers:

Tier Four is generally associated with a commitment made at the Board of Director level.  The monthly time commitment averages 10hrs and Board members are accountable for all activities carried out by AWARE.  As a working board all Directors take on responsibility for leading a particular aspect of AWARE, overseeing delivery of our strategic plan or engaging in our core campaigns.

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To get involved or for more information about volunteering for AWARE please contact us or come connect at one of our upcoming events.


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