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Waste Minimization Tools – For Accommodation Properties


Research by the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) showed that our community sent 15,761 tonnes of waste to landfill in 2014. A previous audit of Whistler’s waste highlighted that 54% of the garbage stream could have been diverted for composting and an additional 13% could have been recycled. That means up to 67% of our collective waste could have been kept out of the landfill! Following this research and as part of its commitment to reducing solid waste, the RMOW is working on a proposed bylaw aimed at keeping recyclable and compostable material from garbage.

In the lead up to the regulation changes AWARE has been working to build awareness of the proposed bylaw and to offer commercial and residential strata buildings, as well as individual businesses, on-site support to identify and work through barriers to change. This work was funded by the RMOW and as a part of the project AWARE worked with partners to develop educational materials and tools to help support commercial and multi-family accommodation strata properties comply with the proposed bylaw. These tools have been designed so they can be utilised by properties, throughout the community, that want to improve waste segregation systems.


From food scrap collectors to garbage room signage – our toolkits and signage are tailored to suit your needs. Photo Credit: Stephanie Hubbard


Photo Credit: Sea to Sky Soils Composting Facility – located mid-way between Whistler and Pemberton turns food waste into all natural compost used by growers in the Pemberton Valley, a truly local closed loop system.