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  • October E-News

    Whistler's environmental news, tips for eco-citizenry and opportunities to get involved from the Association of Whistler Residents for the Environment (AWARE). If you love what we do, please consider making a donation.

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  • August Eco-News

    Whistler's environmental news and tips for green living from AWARE.

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  • Whistler Could Ban Single-Use Plastics in 2023

    In a win for a zero-waste future, Whistler is targeting early 2023 for a ban on single-use plastics. Following a Provincial amendment to the Local Government Act, municipalities in B.C. are now able to institute bans on plastic bags, straws, and other single-use plastic items without needing provincial approval. Councillor

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  • Coping With the IPCC Report

    In August 2021, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a report that caused distress and anxiety for many of us. The world’s top authorities on climate change told us of the “clear influence” human activity has on more intense and frequent heat waves, wildfires, and droughts, along

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