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  • Why Make Your Own Household Cleaner

    Household cleaning supplies are jam-packed with the most powerful bacteria killers in existence, expertly engineered to complete annihilate just about every organism they come into contact with, including the good guys. We’re sure you won’t be surprised to hear these germ terminators aren’t the best for the environment.  Many cleaning

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  • Warm Yourself, Not The Outdoors

    Feeling chilly? Don’t jump straight for the thermostat dial. Instead, follow these hot tips to warm up and get cozy without making the planet pay the price. Snuggle into an extra layer and some thick socks. Embrace the oversized scarf fashion trend. Get your blood flowing by jumping up and

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  • Ten Ways To Green Your Holidays

    The holidays are overwhelming for all of us, including our planet. The amount of waste is exceptional this time of year. Here are ten things you can do to have a greener holiday season. Use certified LED light for your holiday cheer. The use 95% less energy and last 20

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  • Who Should Share the Costs of Climate Change? – An Important Conversation

    The Climate Accountability campaign is an ongoing effort being spearheaded by West Coast Environmental Law and being supported by groups and citizens across BC. The campaign has seen multiple B.C. municipalities write to fossil fuel companies asking them to share in the costs associated with Climate Change. In total, 16 municipalities

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