Help build a legacy for the next 30 years

Your contribution will help protect Whistler’s natural environment for years to come

Reflecting on the last 30 years: 1989 to 2019

Whistler’s environmental charity, AWARE, exists because people in this community believe in protecting our natural environment; and for 30 years, these individuals have taken a stand for nature.

AWARE has been a driving force behind many of the surroundings we love here: protecting wetlands, forests, wildlife habitat and species. Today, in its 30th year, the AWARE team manages over 20 programs and projects, 3 social enterprises and close to 1,000 volunteer hours per year. Our work focuses on 3 key areas:

•  Connecting people with nature;
•  Building sustainable community; and
•  Safeguarding habitat, species, biodiversity and wilderness values.

We have been working hard to raise our game – on behalf of our community and nature. Reflecting on the past 30 years makes us even more intensely focused on the future.

Defending the future of our resort: 2020 and beyond

The natural world is the foundation of Whistler’s tourism-based economy and our mountain culture. Nature is continually ranked as the top reason visitors choose Whistler. Now more than ever, local businesses and individuals have the opportunity to ensure nature has a strong voice so that Whistler matures as a remarkable and thriving nature-loving resort.

Our resort is facing real and emerging challenges. Now more than ever, we need to accelerate our efforts to: safeguard habitats and wildlife; promote a conservation mindset around waste, energy, water and behaviours; and take bold actions to address climate change.

We’re looking for engaged community leaders to step up and help build a legacy of bold actions for the next 30 years of AWARE. We have seen that this community not only believes in protecting our natural environment, but takes action to create change for the better.

The Goal is to raise $60,000:
$30,000 from Businesses + $30,000 from Individuals

Will You Donate Today?

  1. Individuals // 30 for 30 Fundraiser

    Your support is a pivotal part of the work we do for our community and nature. Please support us with a one-time or monthly contribution to help AWARE reach a milestone of $30,000 for our 30th year. Monthly donations help our team plan ahead and conserve our future.
    $6,475.00 donated of $30,000.00 goal
  2. Businesses // 30 for 30 Fundraiser

    Your business' support is a pivotal part of the next evolution of AWARE and the work we do for our community and nature. Please support us with a contribution of $1,000 to help AWARE reach a milestone of $30,000 for our 30th year.
    $5,600.00 donated of $30,000.00 goal

Thank you to our donors (Donors with * are monthly donors)

  1. Shep & Leslie Alexander

  2. Blenz Coffee Whistler

  3. Moguls Coffee House

  4. Empowered Startups Ltd.

  5. Cliff Jennings

  6. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

  7. Ziptrek Ecotours

  8. Cliff Jennings

  9. Anonymous Individual

  10. Seeds Strategies Inc.

  11. Colin Rankin

  12. Anonymous Individual

  13. Paul Dorland

  14. Shannon, Lauren and Coen Gordon

  15. Pat & Brenda Ruddy

  16. Elizabeth McKeever

  17. Sue Maxwell

  18. Roberta Rathbun

  19. Snowberry Consulting

  20. Cheeying Ho

  21. Christine Wrightson

  22. Sandra Jorgenson

  23. Sue Stangel

  24. John WOOD

  25. jackie sereda

  26. Christine Wilding

  27. Nina Allinson

  28. Natalie Griffiths

  29. Tim Smith

  30. Jason Dane

  31. Mary Ann Collishaw *

  32. Y GL


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