Guest Speaker Webinar: An Inside Look at Forestry in BC and Whistler

Do you love trees?

Join us for a talk on the BC Forestry System and how it needs to be reworked to prioritize healthy ecosystems and protect our important forests.

When: March 19, 2021, 5:30-7:30 pm PST
Where: Online Zoom Webinar (Register for FREE HERE to get your link for the event or follow along on Facebook Live)
Cost: FREE

From Intact Forests to Degraded Fibre Farms: a Story of Privatized Public Forests and How to Change the Story

Herb Hammond is a Registered Professional Forester and forest ecologist with over 30 years of experience in research, industry, teaching and consulting.

In his talk Herb will discuss how BC has gone from intact forests to degraded fibre farms. He explains why we need to change the story from one of privatized corporate controlled “public” forests to ecologically and socially responsible public control of forests, including  community forest boards that make decisions based on protection and restoration of ecological integrity. He delves into the reasons that the corporate model has become entrenched in BC government, the problems it has caused for the forests and public, and why it’s better for the public interest to focus on forest protection, rather than exploitation.  Within this ecological framework, he maintains that people who are close to the forest are more likely to make decisions favourable to the forest, and the broad public interest. He gives examples of where there is public control of public forests and how this model involves cooperative problem solving, accountability for those who operate in the forests, and priority given to the many benefits we receive from forest ecosystems. Biofuels have become the latest way to exploit forests.  Herb also explains why burning wood to produce electricity is neither carbon neutral nor ecologically responsible and is only made possible by large subsidies both in BC where the wood pellets originate and at the locations where they are burned.

Bob Brett is a local forest ecologist and professional biologist who has studied old forests for almost three decades. Tree cores he analyzed from over 1,000 trees showed that almost all uncut forests in Whistler are over 300 years old, with some 1,000 years and even older (published by AWARE as the Old Tree Map). He also studies Northern Goshawks, a raptor that requires old forest habitats and which is threatened by logging in Whistler. His report on local Northern Goshawks is available on the AWARE website.

In his talk, Bob will provide local context about the forests around Whistler and the Cheakamus Community Forest and discussing how best to affect change in here in the Sea to Sky.

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