EcoFlix presents – Power to Change: The Energy Rebellion

Following The 4th Revolution, Carl- A. Fechner’s latest film, POWER TO CHANGE – The Energy Rebellion , presents a vision of a democratic, sustainable and affordable energy supply future using 100% renewable energy sources.

POWER TO CHANGE is an impressive plea for a swift implementation of the energy revolution. The film tells the stirring stories of battling pioneers, of amateur tinkerers, of people like you and me, of innovative and surprising technologies. And it shows – on a journey into Ukraine – how a nation’s reliance on fossil fuels can trigger wars.

The film’s director won the cooperation of prominent experts like Hans-Joseph Fell (co-author of Germany’s Renewable Energy Laws), scientist Prof. Dr Claudia Kemfert and MP Dr Julia Verlinden (Energy policy spokesperson for the German Green Party).

A great film score and cinematic camerawork and surprising facts show how a swift global transition to 100% locally produced supplies of energy is critical for humankind’s survival, which matters to each and every one of us. Vivid, gripping and visually stunning, this film will make you see the energy revolution through new eyes.


Movie run time – 1 hour 34 mins
Short group discussion to follow hosted by AWARE.

Dear Readers, Dear Activists, Dear Visionaries,


We would like to present to you our vision: the complete transformation of our energy supply to decentralized renewable sources by the year 2030.


We encourage you to join a growing number of dedicated supporters in creating a multimedia project, at the centre of which stands a cinema documentary, that is perhaps one of the most relevant films our time.


It has a clear message:

a complete turnaround in energy policy towards 100 percent renewables is possible and it can be achieved much faster than its opponents would have you believe. We need to truly want it and fight for it.
With a strong story, breathtaking pictures and an engaging musical score this film will offer an insight into how the renewable energy revolution can be achieved and gives concrete examples of what it will look like.


After watching this film it will be impossible to dismiss the vital transformation of our entire energy supply as an idealistic dream. The film will visualize the struggle and the social quantum leap that this transformation requires.


With your support we want to provoke change. You can take part in POWER TO CHANGE – The EnergyRebellion.


Please take a look at our homepage to find out more about the project, how it can be realized, how you can support it and how you can benefit from it.


Yours truly,


Carl A. Fechner

Whistler’s environmental charity, AWARE in partnership with the Whistler Public Library launched EcoFlix in 2016. The movies screened, whether feature length or a mix of short films, will focus on a variety of environmental issues. Screenings will be followed by an audience discussion of the points raised, lessons learned, and opportunities for personal and community actions.

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