GROW Whistler Mid-Season Soiree

In celebration of the 2017 growing season and the delicious bounty the greenhouses and gardens provide, we host a GROW Summer Social Potluck. Gardeners bring a plant based meal made with something from their veggie boxes and we all get to taste the creative and delicious dishes put together by fellow gardeners! This will be a zero waste event, so plan to bring your own plate, cup and cutlery and we will provide the tables, chairs and ambiance.

Here’s what to bring:

  • This is a Zero Waste event, so bring your own plates, cutlery, and cups
  • Bring a plant-based shareable dish (bonus points if it’s from your veggie box!)
  • Please make sure to include a list of ingredients on your dish for those who have food sensitivities (or print out a few recipes to share your delicious creations with other gardeners)
  • We’ll provide chairs, tables, and the ambiance!