This program was created by AWARE for local high school students thanks to support from the Resort Municipality of Whistler and the Whistler Blackcomb Envirofund. It is intended to be brought into classrooms to supplement grade 10-11 curriculums and thanks to our generous donors, we’re currently offering this program free of charge!

We still have a few spaces left for the Winter 2021 semester so if this program sounds like something you’d like to bring into your classroom, please reach out to the program’s coordinator, Taniell Hamilton (

What is Project Now?

Project Now is a youth mentorship program centered around climate action and engagement. Over multiple sessions, students will design and implement a climate action project within their school or community. Students can work individually or in teams on a project of their choosing and each will be paired with an expert mentor to assist them in bringing their project from an idea to a reality.

Why was Project Now Created?

Project Now was created in response to actions taken in 2019 by youth in Whistler and across Canada. It’s clear that Climate Change is a priority for many young Canadians and that more work needs to be done by individuals, governments and businesses if we want to ensure a healthy future for all. Our aim is to provide youth with the tools and support needed to help them turn their ideas into real action.

Who is Project Now for?

Project Now is designed to compliment grade 10-11 curriculums in the Sea to Sky Corridor.

What Topics does Project Now Cover?

  • Climate Change (global & local)
  • Project management basics
  • Local government
  • Effective communication & behavioral change strategies

The program also leaves space to dive into topics that of currently of great interest to the participants

Program Details

Program length = 3-4 months

  • Total content is approximately 5hours and is designed to be split over multiple sessions (anywhere from 5-10 depending on time slots available)
  • We understand that keeping up with school curriculums can be challenging so when it comes to making a program schedule, we’re flexible! We will work with you to make a schedule that works for everyone.

Program cost = Free

Program eligibility = Grade 10 & 11 classrooms

Project Now was created thanks to funding from the following partners…