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Welcome to GROW Whistler – The Community Greenhouse and Garden Program

The 2021 growing season is now finished up. Please click the button below if you’d like to join our registration reminder list for 2022. If you would like the chance to sign up before general registration, become an AWARE member!

2022 GROW Waitlist


GROW Annual Registration Dates

  • February 15: Return gardener registration (2021 gardeners emailed sign up details) and AWARE member registration (AWARE members emailed sign up details – become a member here)
    • Please note spaces are assigned in order of registration timestamp, and being on the waitlist doesn’t guarantee a spot.
  • March 1: General registration (sign-up details available on this page).
  • Please note: Program fills up so sign up early to avoid any disappointment.


Please Note: We will re-evaluate the COVID protocols that have been in place when Spring 2022 comes around. All gardeners will be required to review and commit to these protocols, which will be circulated via email once all box and location allocations are confirmed.

GROW Whistler

Growing Food  |  Cultivating Health  |  Building Community

AWARE’s GROW program helps people grow their own organic veggies at four greenhouse and garden locations throughout Whistler. Growing veggies close to home reduces the carbon footprint of our food, eliminates packages, and heightens our connections to our food. Community gardens are a great way to connect with neighbours, spend time outside and reap physical and mental health benefits as well as delicious food.

Garden Locations & Details:

The GROW program provides users with tools, compost and all the things you need to get growing.

Space is allocated on a first come, first serve basis with gardeners from the previous year and AWARE members offered an early-bird registration each growing season. 

Cheakamus Community Garden

At Cheakamus Community Garden over a hundred 4ft x 8ft outdoor boxes are available for outdoor growing. The annual fee of $75/year for an outdoor garden box includes compost, tools and each spring we host a seed swap for people to exchange organic seeds.

Neighbourhood Greenhouses

GROW Whistler includes four greenhouses; two at Spruce Grove Park, one at Myrtle Philip School and one at Alpha Lake Park. Each greenhouse contains eighteen, 2.5ft by 8ft boxes. Greenhouse temperatures are automatically controlled and beds are irrigated by automatic watering.

The annual fee of $75/year for a greenhouse box includes a wide variety of organic seeds, soil amendments, water, a gardening guide and lots of support. As the greenhouses are fully organic closed eco-systems and in the interests of keeping them disease-free, only seeds and materials provided by the program are permitted.



New to the GROW program or growing your own food? Check out our ‘101’ guides and grower resources below.

Outdoor Gardening 101

Growing in an outdoor veggie bed this summer? Unsure where to begin or just looking for new tips and tricks to a successful growing season? Look no further, the Outdoor Gardening 101 guide will equip you with all the information you need to get your garden started this summer.

Outdoor Gardening 101

Greenhouse Gardening 101

Growing in a greenhouse this summer? Unsure where to begin or just looking for new tips and tricks to a successful growing season? Look no further, the Greenhouse Gardening 101 guide will start you off on the right foot to grow in one of our four greenhouses this season.

GreenhouseGardening101 (1)



Companion Planting Chart

It takes more than good soil, sun, and nutrients to ensure success in a garden. Time-honored gardening wisdom says that certain plants, when grown together, improve each other’s health and yields. Take a look at our companion planting chart to learn more.


Companion Plant Chart

Check Out Our Greenhouse Seed List

Greenhouses are closed ecosystems and growers choose their seeds from a list provided by AWARE. Over the years this list has been fine-tuned to offer growers diverse options with high success and yield rates in Whistler’s short growing season. This list was created for our greenhouse growers but lots of options would work in outdoor gardens and containers.

Greenhouse Seed List


Greenhouse gardeners order seeds directly through AWARE. Registered gardeners receive details via email.


Seeds Per Square Foot

For veggie boxes we love the square foot gardening approach as recommended in both 101 guides. Check out our seed distribution chart to see how many seeds to plant per square foot and make sure everything has the space it needs to grow.

Square Foot Gardening_Seed Distribution

Seed Planting Depths

Learn how deep you should plant your seeds with our ‘Seed Planting Depths’ guide.

Seed Planting Depths




Pests in the Garden

Got some friends trying to share your veggies? Find out if these insects are handy or harmful and discover some natural remedies for unwanted visitors.

Pests in my Garden

Bear Attractants

GROW gardeners pledge to keep bears wild and not plant bear attractants. Our bear attractants poster highlights varieties to avoid planting in your garden. For more on bear attractants head to

Bear Attractants


GROW Gardener Resources

GROW Gardener Pledge

The success of the community garden and greenhouse program is achieved through gardeners commitment and support. The Gardener Pledge highlights what it means to be a GROW member and all gardeners agree to gardener conditions around organic principles, avoiding bear attractants, looking after shared spaces, and more.

GROW Gardener Pledge

GROW Recipes

Looking for new ways to use up your fresh veggies? Look no further, here are some of our member favourites! If you have a recipe you’d like to contribute feel free to email it to so we can add it.


GROW Contributed Recipes


Volunteer Hour Tracker 

Without the dedication and cooperation of each and every GROW Member, this program would not be possible. Members each complete over 4 hours outside of shared maintenance duties to contribute to this success. Track hours effortlessly over the summer months by filling your details into our Volunteer Hour Tracker (Google Form) below.

GROW Volunteer Tracker


Looking for volunteer hour ideas? Check out our live GROW Volunteer Opportunity google doc to see how you can help out this summer.

Volunteer Opportunities

Fresh Fields(2)

Fresh Fields(1)


This project was made possible by grant support from the Community Foundation of Whistler, the Union of British Columbia Municipalities and the ongoing support of the Resort Municipality of Whistler.

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