Paul Cain

Agriculture and foraging for wild foods has deep roots in my life. I was raised in a farm town outside of Toronto, and my love for farming and the outdoors started at a very young age.

Moving to Whistler BC, in 2011, for a change of scenery. I quickly realized I was exactly where I wanted to be surrounded by local farms, beautiful coastal forests and seasonal fresh produce! Sadly, unable to farm on my urban property, I was missing growing my own crops in the summer months. That’s when I had the idea to grow healthy, local food, year round, right here inside my apartment. I built a small 4×8 square foot white room and produced tons of fresh food per month with the use of two large vertical racks and some LED lighting. From there, I founded two local companies both with one thing in mind, providing his community with a new, safe and sustainable food source, while using far less precious resources and reducing carbon emissions. Both companies are doing well today.

Today I is a full-time controlled environment agriculture specialist who is running an indoor farm called Whistler Harvest in the beautiful Sea-To-Sky Corridor and helping other entrepreneurs get their concepts of vertical farming up and running.

Policy Statement:

AWARE is awesome!